Phi Mu is excited to bring to you, Mutual Connections, a mentoring program specifically designed to connect sisters of all ages and backgrounds. Join us now to develop personal and professional relationships with others in our vibrant sisterhood. Whether you're a mentor or mentee, you'll find networking and mentoring to be a rewarding part of your lifelong membership in Phi Mu.


Discover a resource for your career aspirations.  The best part-she is a Phi Mu alumna willing to give back her time and energy to help pay it forward.

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Share your expertise with those willing and eager to learn.  This is a great opportunity to make a positive impact as well as be connected to the Phi Mu collegians.

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"When I think back to my college experience, Phi Mu was the backbone.  After graduation it was a Phi Mu sister that helped me get an assistantship and my first professional job came through another Phi Mu connection."
- Lisa Primiani, Alpha Epsilon 

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